The Protocol School of Ottawa provides customized corporate etiquette and international protocol seminars and workshops to individuals and organizations.

Organizations are recognizing that knowledge of corporate etiquette is the ultimate business tool.  They are realizing that guidance in the areas of business and social etiquette, international protocol, and dining skills are directly reflected in their bottom line.  Gaining self-confidence gives them the necessary edge.

All of the seminars and workshops conducted by the Protocol School of Ottawa are aimed at increasing the self-confidence of the participants.  Self-confidence not only increases the enjoyment of life but is perceived by clients as “being in control”.  The image an individual projects reflects on the entire organization.

From presentations to business lunches, from networking events to afternoon tea, from travelling abroad to social events, knowing that one has the ability to meet, interact, and dine, dramatically decreases the nervousness of the situation. 

The Protocol School of Ottawa believes that it is essential to provide an appropriate atmosphere in order to learn effectively.  Therefore, all seminars are relaxed and interactive.  Participants are also provided with workbooks to review.

Seminars may be conducted for any number of participants.  They are presented at your company location or a venue arranged by the seminar facilitator.

The Protocol School of Ottawa is devoted to promoting courtesy and respect in society.


Mission Statement

"The mission of the Protocol School of Ottawa is to provide individuals and organizations with business etiquette and international protocol instruction (and confidence) in a relaxed and professional manner."