Dining Tutorial - Skills for Your Wedding Day and a Lifetime

Congratulations!  Your special day is fast approaching.

You have so many things to think about, so many arrangements to make.  You know too, that all eyes are going to be on YOU.

You and your partner can gain confidence and enjoy you day a little more knowing that you have the appropriate dining skills.

The Protocol School of Ottawa offers one hour dining tutorials to couples.  In this private tutorial you will learn:

  • Place settings
  • Styles of eating
  • Silverware navigation
  • Napkin etiquette
  • Toasting
  • Dining dos and don'ts

It is recommended that you book your dining tutorial before the pre-wedding lunches and events take place.  You want to be ready.  These are skills for a lifetime.  After your wedding, when life has settled down (yes, you will eventually have time to think), your dining etiquette skills will boost your confidence in home entertaining, business lunches, networking events, and social functions.

This is a private tutorial - just you and your partner.

The bridal special is only $199.00 (workbook included)

If you wish to include the entire bridal party, a group rate will be arranged.

Book now to ensure that you have the skills to give you the polish for your wedding day and for a lifetime.